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Commands are to be entered with a > in front of them. An example of this would be "> Follow him."
If your command gets accepted and appears in-comic, you cannot command again until the next comic goes up.
Guests cannot command, due to the nature of making a guest account.
Commands can be seconded simply by replying to a command and typing > Command seconded.
This is a story-oriented CYOA. Commands that advance the plot are likely to be accepted rather than, say, "> FLOP AROUND DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOYYY."

Items and Weapons
Whenever you collect something important, it gets stored in that character's INVENTORY.
Each character can hold up to 4 items at a time.
If there comes a time when a character holds more than 4 items, an item will need to be taken out of the INVENTORY, which gets chosen in the comments.
Each character gets a unique weapon as well as a unique skill. For example, Mega Man is able to copy up to 4 weapons from other characters.
More weapons can be equipped. This will be elaborated later on.
Weapons are not affected by items, unless otherwise stated.

Voting takes place in Strawpoll links in the description, and can be anything from future characters to selecting a stage.
Unlike commands, anyone can vote--even if you don't have an account!
You may vote only once. Please be honest with yourself and don't vote on different devices until there is a better way to handle that aspect.

Characters make up the newest addition to the CYOA goodness. Now, other series besides that of the Mega Man series can appear. Some are friendly. Others are threatening. You are the one to choose their fates.

If you want to send in a character for a chance for he/she to be featured in the comic, there are a few rules first:
Characters need to have made their first appearance from a video game. Any video game is acceptable, even licensed games.
If it's an AAA game, such as Undertale or Stardew Valley, you should probably wait at least a year for the surging popularity to die down. After that, then I can consider your choice.
You should already have a sprite for your character. If you want to use another person's sprite, ask permission and/or check to see the permissions found for each sheet first.